Monday, October 24, 2011

Not sure how to respond

Talk bad or grossip behind someone back is not my style in any level of aspect. However, there is gal her name is Scallet Timothy.
I give her few times my contact info for free she acting like a big shoot all the time. Sure she is married and divorce couple times but one she love to emphaized about the her married to a lawyer, well what the deal you can't hold on to your vow hello
but any way...She is not original after few times I had given. Today she is inviting me to join her social network which I really don't want her to be in it.  But she seem to have a big mouths.

but my line of express here it doesn't make me any better person. I choose to ignore her and I will deal with what will come out later. I choose not to avoid and hope one day people will shape up better.
But choose to ignore, isn't it list into avoidanceness as well?

Am I too sensitive or pressimistic

Hello my gal friends and enemies;
I am going to update my social network profile. I got this recommend letter from my previous boss.  I feel like it is not such best positive recommend letter to public it. A little thought for being as minority, I performance my work with love and enjoy to grow and make effective on my small circle every day. In such a challenging capitalism world that I really admired all of you who had established yourself in career wise and stand on your solid ground. Please take your precious time and give your feed back with letter I cut/paste below. I am reading between the lines especially when he emphasized as capital letter.
Thank you very much in advance!
Dear Myle,
I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Details of the Recommendation: "Myle is an intelligent and energetic professional. One who can be relied upon to remain focused on the task at hand. She is an excitingly attractive FEMALE - however, she is also a uniquely cultured individual with exceptionally high standards of morality. There are few people I've worked with who posses the intellectual capacity and business acumen as does Ms. Myle Le and I would reccommend fr any project requiring a shirt-sleeve executive with a strong desire to deliver impressive statistics..."
Salute with Signature …….

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Reunion with exes

So I look out to find a gal friends to go check out around the LA.... techinical I live in South Pasadena.  But all the girld friends live in OC. They all want to go but lazy to drive.  I promise myself no more worst time with boy.  But there is no gal up to my energy level to have fun with.

I really need to make myself free from I text to one of my exes he is obiousely say he is ready to be my friend but I am so doublt of it.

I have 3 more hrs to decide to go to check out the laughfactory or go sleep.